Welcome to my world!

I'm 22 years old and WebDeveloper, Gamer, Actor, Music Lover and Storyteller.

My current Projects are these:

Software Developer

Software Developer at ECT Service GmbH
since February 2017

World Wide PHP Facebook Group

PR Manager and Moderator of the World Wide PHP Facebook Group (PHP.earth)
Group @ Facebook
since September 2016

Lotro Stat Checker

Owner and Main Developer
since March 2016


Main Developer
since May 2016

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Gaming is one of my favourite time wasters. Whenever I'm stressed out or need to relax, a nice Game or two can settle all things.

I started very young with a GameBoy, which I remember as my grey block of plastic full of hours of entertainment. I loved beating games in the best possible way or the worst possible way.

Serious Gaming:
I've been gaming for a long time and have been active in some games Top Players.

Sometimes I like to enjoy the boundaries of games and push them even further. Exploring landscapes that you're not supposed to visit or cheating a way around a lame fight. Everything is possible if you wish.

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My address is: admin at enorion dot de


or scan this QR Code to contact me via Messenger: